With over 180 episodes of television and roughly 36,000 hours logged on set as a leading actress, I've developed an instinctive eye for image and story from both sides of the lens. My 30 plus years of experience has given me the wherewithal to smoothly navigate diverse scenarios and sensibilities, mega to micro budgets, across all genres.

I believe it is of utmost importance to be a good listener and effective communicator; not only to elicit great performances but to create the best experience for the team and recognize what it means to be of service to the script, the cast and the crew while holding the creative project to the highest standard.

As an actor myself, I naturally bring a commitment to character, a clear point of view and seasoned script analysis. My ability to "speak the actors' language" allows me to create a safe space for actors and non-actors alike to relax and connect to the moment.

I'm passionate about creating compelling images, whether moving or still, that evoke an emotional response from the viewer. My love and professional practice of both portrait and commercial photography informs and ever evolves my cinematic eye and creates an easy and informed dialogue between myself and the cinematographer.

My childhood was sprinkled across Canada, watching my larger-than-life mom launch my sisters and me headfirst into a new city or town from the ground up, a skill no doubt developed by her own experiences coming to Canada from Jamaica in the fifties. While some may call themselves "movers and shakers," I consider myself a "do-er and maker." My father, the first engineer in a line of circus performers and musicians, taught me to build rather than buy, stay curious and open to change and never underestimate the value of a good roll of duct tape.   

Christina is available for commissions and collaborations, locally and internationally.

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